Yes, indeed, assistance services are available to all our customers via the phone and our communication methods. We include all the data that helps you communicate with us around the clock, with a team of the most qualified customer service representatives.

HUWSHOPis a website that was created in 2019 and is a store for one of the largest beekeepers in Turkey and was completed in 2020 and its goal is to enable the retail sector to enter the world of electronic commerce in an excellent, easy and more professional way, The HUWSHOP provides the fastest and easiest way to grow online purchases Integrated way through our site system and simplicity.

HUWSHOP provides an integrated and easy site for secure purchases via the Internet, safe delivery to all of its customers, management and follow-up of customer shipments, easy and safer payment system and protection of customer data from fraud, 24-hour technical support from a team with experience and high efficiency, HUWSHOP provides all communication methods With easy and good customer service at any time, whether by phone or direct communication.

The HUWSHOP store provides the prices found below each product and is an estimate according to the local and international market as well, and on the efficiency of its product, as all excellent products that are suitable for our valued customers are provided so that all customers are satisfied, and discounts and discount coupons are set for each of the clients once the completion of operations the purchase.

Yes, major companies have been contracted and provide all safe ways to deliver orders to our customers and some companies are DHL Aramex UPS, because we care about the comfort of our valued customers.

The HUWSHOP store provides all shipping methods for our entire customers and without shipping charges, as the shipping is free and we have it available, you just have to buy the product and the rest of the shipping is on us until it reaches our customers.

After the account creation is complete, you can visit the link How to buy, as HUWSHOP has created fixed forms for our customers through purchasing methods and complete payment details.

You can direct payment via electronic payment on the product pages directly or a bank transfer on one of our accounts data for the HUWSHOP store.

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